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Minnesota 97.5 along Tonna Mechanical want to make someone's holiday a little brighter and we'd like your help.
The last year and a half has been tough for a lot of people. Emotionally and financially. Over the last couple of weeks, we've taken nominations for a person or family that could use a Christmas Miracle. Though we'd love nothing more than to be able to help everyone during the holidays, our staff has selected 3 recipients to receive a Christmas Miracle.

Among other items donated by generous local businesses, we've also set up a Go Fund Me to help these families. We've added their stories below along with the link to the Go Fund Me. We hope to raise $3,000 so these families can enjoy a worry free Christmas Miracle from YOU, Tonna Mechanical and Minnesota 97.5 

Go Fund Me

Click "DONATE" to help these families. You can read their stories below or at the Go Fund Me link.

Mounting Medical Bills

Talk about a family that has been through anything that could be thrown at you in life and they still carry on with big smiles and huge hearts. Most recently **** was diagnosed with ALS - he's been steadily declining so they've had to do home modifications, ramp, elevator and more but**** is now not able to walk or talk. Loss of income and the additional costs of home modifications and medical care alone have to be overwhelming. I'd really love to see this family who has continued to persevere through multitudes of struggle just be given a big reason to smile and appreciate each other a bit more right now - again they are an amazingly special family and I would love to see them be given a reason to just enjoy each other and their family with fewer worries this holiday season.

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A Mother with a New Born and COVID

***** and  ***** looked forward to ***** arrival with all the joy of any young couple despite the extra barriers they faced. Never could they or their families have prepared for what has occurred. ***** was admitted due to COVID-19 complications at 34 weeks pregnant. Further complications resulted in emergency C-section. ***** was born 5 1/2 weeks early and was placed in the NICU. ***** health took a turn for the worse, she had developed Covid Pneumonia. Due to shortness of breath and her oxygen levels plummeting she was transferred to ******. While on the forced oxygen, she got a hole in her esophagus as well as one of her lungs collapsed. In November, she was intubated and placed on a ventilator. ***** is currently receiving ECMO treatment (heart/lung support which occurs outside of the body and allows the organs to rest). Her lungs are completely hardened and shut down. She hasn't been able to hold ****** as she is mostly sedated and on paralytics so that she remains calm to allow her lungs to heal.**********  *********** and ********** go to visit every day. As of now, there is no date when ***** will be off the ECMO and breathing on her own. We take it day by day. Any help this young family could get would mean the world to all of us. Thank you for your consideration!

A Constant Struggle

**** and ***** have two children and live in a trailer that is not fit for anyone to live in. The kids are afraid to sleep in their own beds. Their cabinets are falling apart. They are a family that struggles each and every day. They have one car that barely gets them to work every day in which needs new tires sooner rather than later. I would love to see the magic of Christmas on the girls' face this year with anything that you can provide.

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