Every time the Vikings get off to a hot start, a lot of fans always say, “This is our year!” EVERY. TIME. And what happens? The team gets into December and they collapse. Not all the time, granted, but a LOT of the time. Or they’ll get to the play-offs and lose in the first or 2nd round. This year, I hope for the best for your team. It’s clear the Packers aren’t doing well. They’ve had a great team for a couple decades now (minus a few bad years under Favre and Rodgers) but for the most part, they’ve been very successful.

I used to HATE the Vikings. With a passion. It was the usual rivalry but I also hated them because they were so good. With Randall Cunningham, Daunte’ Culpepper and of course, Randy Moss, Chris Carter, Robert Smith…I can go on and on but you get the gist. It used to make me so angry that all Culpepper had to do was throw the ball up and Randy Moss would be right there, 10 steps ahead of the defender, catch the ball and score.  But since moving here, I’ve seen what my Viking fan friends have gone through. The Gary Anderson missed field goal, the Brett Favre interception, etc. etc. It’s been brutal. Year after year, watching my friends get all hyped for the Vikings only to have their hopes dashed either in early December (and throughout the month) or in the play-offs.

I think the team is looking incredible. Playing VERY well and I hope for their fans sake, they get into the play-offs and eventually the Super Bowl and win it. That’s IF the Packers don’t get there. But, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment again. Let it play out before you get too hyped up. I mean, sure, root for your team but keep it in check. Because we know how this has played out in the past. Don’t get fooled again. I just want you to be prepared…you know….if something were to go wrong. But I’m probably “preaching to the choir”. You’ve seen it before. Good start. Terrible finish. Let’s hope they shake that monkey off their back. Good luck to your team.