Secret Sound #2 – Incorrect guesses below

9/21 – Linda of Mondovi, WI guessed “Sink Sprayer”

9/21 – Chris of Rochester guessed “Water running in a sink”

9/21 – Angie of Rochester guessed “Sharpening a knife on a metal sharpener”

9/22 – Amy of Kasson guessed “Fire extinguisher”

9/22 – Chuck of Rochester guessed “Aerosol spray keyboard cleaner”

9/22 – Alison of Rochester guessed “Helium Balloon Tank”

Secret Sound #1 – Congratulations to Holly Nelson of Harmony for correctly identifying Secret Sound #1 as a “View Master” (the old toy we used to play with when we were kids) Holly wins $400!!!

9/18 – Michael of Rochester guessed “Letter Stamper”

9/18 – Tim from Kellogg guessed “Price Gun”

9/18 – Jane of Winona guessed “Opening a file cabinet drawer”

9/19 – Karen of Austin guessed “Empty stapler trying to staple”

9/19- Natalie of Chatfield guessed “A three-hole punch”

9/19 – Zack of Austin guessed “A labelmaker”

9/20 – Jason of Wabasha guessed “Date Receipt Stamper”

9/20 – Holly Nelson of Harmony correctly identified Secret Sound #1 as a “View Master”

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