Think of your advertising budget as a pitcher of water and the media you use as glasses.

To get customers to “take action” from your advertising investment, you must carry them through the stages of communication: unawareness, awareness, comprehension, conviction, action, and non-action.

By filling one glass, you have successfully completed these stages through that medium. Only then should you add another.

How many glasses are you trying to fill?

Is it a media-mix of a media mess? Is it working? Are you filling each glass (media) before you add another one?

Business Focused


• Further Reach
• Detailed Targeting
• Catered Marketing
• In-House Team
• Proven Results
• Your Best Interest

Proven Impact

Your business can reach new heights with an effective local advertising plan.

With so many new and exciting options, radio reaches more people every week than any other medium.

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It’s Personal. It Connects.


Say that broadcast radio personalities make them laugh.


Would follow their radio personality if they went to another station.


Say personalities on radio stations make them think.


See radio station personalities like a friend/family.

why advertise with us

When you connect with our team, you are connecting with local
professionals who understand marketing, community, and success.

It Makes Sense.

When someone searches for your business name, it’s better than when they search for your business category. When they search your business name, you come out on top. This is called a branded search.

The study combined multiple technologies and discovered that RADIO DRIVES SEARCH. On average, there’s at least 29% lift in branded search when radio ads are running.


Radio Reaches 90% of 18 to 49-year-old consumers.


Radio Reaches 93% of adults employed full time.


Radio Reaches 91% of all graduates.


Radio reaches 91% of adults with $75k+ household incomes.

Local Business Case Studies

Junge’s Flooring started working with Minnesota 97.5 and Deb Muench because they were ready for more growth than what word of mouth could bring them. Deb taught them how to grow their business through consistent marketing with messaging that states who they are as a company and why buy from them. They have followed this strategy and Deb continues to write their campaigns to keep the listeners engaged in their products and services. Over the last 3 years they have more than doubled their business and 97.5FM is their primary source of marketing. They love 97.5FM and working with Deb because they make marketing Easy!

Junge's Flooring

Adam has seen great results using MN 97.5, utilizing their well-known radio jingle with his ads. During his Diamond Don Sale last year, he had a UPS driver come in and buy a diamond ring because he heard the radio ad on MN 97.5!

Rochester Lapidary Jewelers

Our Team

When you connect with the team at Minnesota 97.5, you are connecting with local professionals who understand marketing, community, and success.

David Legault

General Manager

David is an integral part of the inception of what is now known as “Rochester‘s Greatest Hits” when it first came on the air on March 2016.

David oversees the 19 stations…

in our radio group.

​He and his wife just welcomed twins!

Deb Muench

Sales Manager

If there is music and food, you’ll probably find Deb there!

She has over 16 years of experience bringing the best entertainment to our area.

She also works one on one with local clients to help brand their business and her strength is writing ad campaigns that are engaging, informative and even funny! Her amazing experience has now brought her to the new position of Sales Manager – which is greatly deserved.

The important part—the ads make her clients “Locally Famous!”

Mike Quiggle

Account Manager

Mike has been working in the radio business for over 30 years, and has been part of the Rochester radio scene since 1993.

He grew up on a farm…

outside of Goodhue, has lived in Rochester since ’93, and is a huge Minnesota sports fan!

Mike Salerno

Account Manager

Mike is new to Radio but has been in the Rochester area for 8 yrs and has a good understanding of digital advertising capabilities to help your business take the next step.

He has a beautiful wife Michelle and two small dogs at home. When he isn’t at home or in the office you can bet he is on the water bass fishing!

Traci Schaitel

Account Manager

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Minnesota 97.5 FM Reviews

"If you have ever been curious about radio advertising, your should definitely connect with MN 97.5. They make the process simple and are amazing at finding ways to get your message out to the audience you are trying to reach."

"If you are looking to Advertise, I would highly recommend 97.5. They do a marvelous job breaking things down to match your needs and budget. The return on investment is certainly there. Great Station all around."

"Dani is great to work with! She keeps it fun and has an awesome attitude. If you want it done right, see Dani!"